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Mobile Office
Mobile Office

Functional, practical and modular, Citroen Dispatch is the answer to all of your business needs. Welcome to your mobile office!


CITROËN Dispatch has plenty of storage space in the cabin: lower glove box with 12V and jacks, USB plug (depending on version), large storage under the passenger seat, cup holder on both sides of the board on board ... Work with peace of mind

Travelling Co
Travelling Co

CITROËN Dispatch benefits from a strengthened Mcpherson pseudo front axle with anti-roll bar and a new oblique triangle rear axle, to support a payload of up to 1400 kg. Enjoy driving comfort at the best level, regardless of the road conditions!

Clever, modern and functional, Citroën Dispatch is the ideal partner for professionals looking for a working tool that simplifies their daily life. Thanks to the practical videos below, you can learn more about the features and technology in Citroën Dispatch which make your journeys even easier.


                                • Head-up colour display
                                • Dispatch Combi
                                • Hands-free sliding side doors

                                 • Moduwork
                                 • Mobile office
                                 • Three lengths


How does the Head-Up colour display work?

How do the hands-free sliding doors work?

Discover the combi version:

Take a look at the three available lengths:

What is Moduwork?

How to set up and use the Mobile Office?